Monday, 2 March 2015

Moving to a new e-home

My new e-home

Hello Dears,
Just wanted to let you know that I have moved and where to find me.

My new website is now here

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Happy Planning 
Yours Susan

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Keeping your planner clean

Keep your planner clean

Hello Dears,

Today we are going to talk about keeping your planner clean.

What does that mean? Do I have to wash my planner?

No I'm not talking about the outside, which is also important.

I mean who wants to carry a dog eared dirty planner around with them? I sure don't.

What I'm talking about is the inside of your planner.

What pens are you using?

Picture this, you have written down a night out with friends, a play date for your kids or your work schedule. All nice a neat with a biro. Then something comes up and the date or the time has to be changed. Now what?

With a biro you have to cross it out or use Tip-ex (white-out). Tip-ex is not always nice to write over. A line through the date leaves no space to write another date in it's place. We normally don't leave it with just the one line through the date or time, we scribble it out. This makes it look kind of messy. 

Why should I keep it clean?

Keeping it clean with out scribbling things out, means you can see what you have written down at a glance. It will also help you want to use your planner more because it's clean and nice to use.

Also you can let others look inside, if you want to and don't need to feel ashamed that it looks a mess. This is good if you have a customer looking over your shoulder. She will think "Oh isn't she organised, I wish my planner looked as neat as hers does, she must be good" :)

What you could use instead

You could use a good old pencil with a rubber / eraser to do the correction. Or if you are like me and you love colour you could use pens that rub out.

My favourite pens are the Friction /Frixion pens. They have plenty of colours to choose from and also different sizes. I love the 0.5 the smaller point. You can write a lot neater and smaller which leaves room to write more.

If I make a mistake then all I have to do is rub it out, write over it, finished. My planner looks neat and tidy and organised.

Don't write appointments all over the place.

I feel that an organised planner is an organised mind. No more missing appointments because you have crossed too many things out. Find the best way to organise your planner for you. OK so that didn't help. This is what I do.

I like to write appointments that are in the morning at the top of the page. The lunchtime appointments in the middle and afternoon appointment after that. Evening at the bottom.

This means no more missing appointments because everything is clear and structured

Write down your appointments as soon as you get them

Don't wait till you get home to write them down. Do it there and then. This way you know if you can make and keep the date or if you have to change it.

Now over to you

What pens do you use inside your planner? How do you keep your planner clean and structured?

As always you can leave a message below or come on over to our Facebook page and talk.

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Happy planning

Yours Susan


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Look inside your planner

Look inside your planner

Last week we talked about taking your planner with you everywhere.

This weeks question is:

What's the point of having a planner if you don't look inside it and use it?

Planner use me

Looking inside and using it everyday.

More than once a day.

This is how I use mine

I look inside my planner every day and more than once a day.

When people ask me why I have a planner I just say I'm a forgetful person and I need to write things down to help me remember (We all know I'm a planner addict but also forgetful).

Each morning before getting out of bed I reach for my planner which is on my night table.It's there just in case I think of something in the middle of the night and I can write it down. NO need to get-up.

My morning look at my planner is to get my mind in the right frame. This way I know if I have time to go slow because my class starts later in the morning or when to hurry.

I kick start my brain into remembering what I have to do that day. Do I need to change something because I'm not in the mood, or am I not feeling too well and need to cancel?

Who do I have to call today?

What bags do I have to take with me, school, Kindergarten or both?

Do I have to cook today because hubby is out working the whole day and won't be in for dinner?

Do I have any extra appointment that I have to be at and when/ where?

Do I have a very full morning and then the afternoon off? Love those afternoons means I have time to do things that I really love.


After lunch I have an other quick look to see who's coming for classes and how long I have to teach. Do I have a webinar that I want to take part in and at what time? Is it my master mind Tuesday and have I done all my home work?

After my home teaching classes I take a peek in my planner to see what the next day look's like.

I then pack my bags for classes and tidy up my English class room. My bags are then put in my hall way ready to go. You never know if you will over sleep and have to rush out the door.

If I have over seen something like double booking myself now is the time to change things up a bit. Cancel or tell people I will be late or just pass the job onto my husband or assistant to do, if I don't have the time. If I had small kids I would ask another mother to take over my driving the kids around.

Evening planning

I take a look inside my planner before going to bed.

I am a believer that you can visualise your day to come and how you want it to go. This helps me to take out any stress that could come up in a busy day. I run through the day in my mind starting with getting up.

This is how I do it.

Tuesdays I know I have a 6 a.m master mind Skype call in the morning and have everything ready for that call. I picture myself getting up and having a look to see if I should have a shower before or after my call (thank goodness no webcam). I see which way would be better for me and then pick. So in my head I know I will shower before or after, then take the call. After the hour call I finish getting ready for school. I know how many schools and classes I have one after the other and if I have time to do a wee bit of shopping in between driving from one place to the other or not. Then I come home have a quick cup of coffee before leaving for the last school of the day. Then I go through each lesson. I visualise having the perfect children to teach and that each lesson will be fun and finish fast.

That's how my visualising goes for the morning. If I find places or times in my day that could be stressful I picture them being easy, not bothering me what so ever. I change my state, my way of thinking about the stressful part. It sounds easy and too good to be true, but it is, both easy and true. Try it.

Life is only as stressful as we let it. We are in control of our time and planner. If we don't want things to go a certain way then change it.


So over to you

How often do you look inside your planner?

Leave a comment below.

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Happy planning

Yours Susan

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Where's Your Planner?

Where's your planner?

Filofax Planner week
Hello Dears,
How did last weeks planning go?
Did everything go well?
Or did you have some unexpected things come up?
Was there anything you left out or forgot to write in your planner?

If there was one thing you would change

in the way you planned, what would it be?
Is there something you would add to your daily routine?
Please do tell.

Question of the day!!!

Where's your planner?

Something as easy as carrying your planner around with you in your handbag stops you from over booking yourself.
You wouldn't believe how many people forget to take their planner with them.
Just imagine your out shopping, in the park or just meeting your friends.
This is where the problem of over booking yourself starts.
You are asked if you could come to a meeting on a Thursday afternoon.
Have kids come over and play on a Friday. Have coffee on a Tuesday morning or if you could come help the teacher out.
We are soo good at multitasking, but now and again some appointments slip through our fingers. We forget to write them down.
Then the juggling starts. Stress's ugly head pops up.

I take my planner with me everywhere.

I take it with me when go out shopping or when meeting friends for a coffee.
I have learned to expect the unexpected appointment.
I know they will ask me if I have time to come to a Tupperware party or tell me that they will be celebrating their birthday on a Saturday night and not on a Thursday.
I even get the odd mother ask me if they could send their child to an English lesson.
I then open my planner, say yes or no to the Tupperware party. Tell the mother what day and time their child can come for a lesson. Tell my friends I will be late for the party on Saturday because I have a Skype call.
You never know when you will meet your next client. So take your planner everywhere.
Let's hop on over to our Facebook group to talk.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
Happy planning days
Yours Susan

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Planning your life out on paper

Welcome to my mini video series on planning your life out on Paper

Are you the kind of person who over books herself? Has too much on her plate? Do you want to be more organised in 2015 but you don't know how?

It's time to take back YOUR power over YOUR time

In this FREE video series I will show you how to do just that

  • You will learn how to plan out all your friend's and families birthdays,
  • How to book your holidays on time and be on top of your work schedule.
  • I will remind you to book an appointment with your dentist to keep your smile looking good.
  • You will add fun nights out with your friends, sport and exercise will be added into your life as a balance. 
  •  A big bonus will be, making time to have date nights with our loved one.

Feeling in control

As soon as all these things are planned out you will begin to feel in control again and stop running yourself short.

Sign up below to my free video series and take back your time. Let's plan things out on paper together.



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Leave a message below ;)

Have a lovely week

Yours Susan

Friday, 2 January 2015

Breaking down your goals

How to breakdown your goals to make them easier to achieve 

Once you have set a big goal and written it down on paper. Your next step will be to write down a time and date to when this goal should be achieved.

Ask yourself these questions. 

How important is this goal?
Why do you want to achieve this goal?
Is there a big enough reason to achieve this goal?

You need a big enough why behind the reason.

You need the why to fall back on in hard times. 
The times you want to give up. The times when other people help you want to give up.
The times when doors have been closed in your face two many times.
This will keep you strong.
Strong enough to keep moving forward. 

Draw a sun around your goal

The goal has been set and the why has been found.
Now it's time for the baby steps. 
Break up the goal into small pieces. 
Write your goal down in the middle of a page draw a circle around it to look like a sun (a mind map).
Write down all the steps you need to do to achieve your goal. Every idea that pops into your head to make the goal smaller should be written down. 

Use colour it's more fun.

Time to add baby steps to your planner

Sort out your baby steps. Choose the steps you think will help you move forward in reaching your goal. 

Now add them into your planner.

Over to you

Do you have any questions or suggestions?
Please do leave a comment blow.

Have a lovely day

Yours Susan

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Setting Goals for 2015

Are you setting your goals for 2015?
Have you started putting them into your planner?
Are you having trouble with setting up goals?

On my Facebook page I asked my friends if they had any goals for 2015.

Their first answer was they didn't have material goals. 
SO I said good. What are your none material goals?

Peace of mind
To be happy
To find the right partner 
Goal setting doesn't work. 
You can't plan out your life. 
You have to live in the moment.

I got the goal setting doesn't work a lot. 
You know me I don't take simple answers. I want to dig deeper.
I want more fulfilling answers. 
Fulfilling was my word of the year 2014. 
So I dug deeper.

I started off with, 

"If your goal is to have peace of mind, how do you want to reach that goal?"
"If you want to be happy, how are you planning on reaching that goal?"
"How will you find your new partner?"

I asked questions of HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHAT

The answers I got

By digging deeper I got them to tell me their goals. 
The funny thing was, is that they didn't see them as goals just things that they wanted.

"I don't want to spend an other Christmas on my own"
"I want to go on holiday with my family"
"I want to spend more money on myself"
"I want to find out what makes me happy"

These material and none material things are what their heart wants but they are afraid to speak up and tell them to the world and most importantly themselves.

Seeing goals as a wast of time

The reason why they thought that setting goals or planning out your goals was a wast of time is because they never came true. They never happened.

They believe that if you set goals and plan them out, you leave no room for spontaneity. With everything planned out, you end up living a boring life.

Everything has to do with The way your mind is set.

Goal setting is a wast of time, is what they believe to be true, which will end up being true. 

Seeing setting goals as a wast of time is because they take their goal setting not seriously enough. 
If done half heartedly then of course it's a wast of time because it just, doesn't, get done.

How I set and plan out my goals

First I write down all the things that I want for the year or years to come.
I don't say what I would like because they are things that I WANT.

Would like is not a strong enough word. It's a polite word. 
But the universe needs to know that I really want it. 
Not just would like which is hope to have it. Hope is a future word and will stay in the future and not come into the present. 


After writing the things down that I want, I then I take a look at when I want them.

Let's just take a look at one of my goals.

I don't want to celebrate my 40th birthday with a big party. I want to be on my own with my hubby somewhere. So I asked myself where?
On the Aida.
So I have a Where and a When. I put this into my calendar and work backwards. 
What needs to be done, to be on the Aida for my birthday?
I write down everything that I need to do, like book a room on the boat. How much will it coat me? How much do I need to save up? Do I have enough clothes? 
I plan out when all my to-does need to be done and do them. Bookings, saving up and shopping for new clothes.


Ok too easy you say. Then let's move onto a harder one.

To be happy.

What makes you happy? 
What small things make you happy?
What used to make you happy as a child? 
Where were you the most happiest?
How could you bring more happiness into your life?

First write down what makes you happy. 
Is it eating an ice-cream? 
Going to the movies? 
Meeting some friends?
Reading a book? 
Getting your hair or nails done?
Dancing around in circles with no clothes on listening to Madonna?

After you have found out what makes you happy then choose a day of the week and schedule it into your calendar.

There easy-peasy. You now have more fun in your life and that leads to happiness.

It's the same for finding the right man. 
You ask yourself questions.
What type of man do I want? 
Where will I be likely to meet this man? 
What are his interests?
Do I need to be going to the places I think he will be at? 
Do I need a friend to help me?

The first step it always writing your goals down on paper

Then making a to-do list of what you need to do to reach that goal. 
Breaking down your to-do list into even smaller baby steps so you dooon't give up before you start.
Scheduling your baby step into your calendar. 

Oh and having fun along the way.  

Now over to you. What are your goals for 2015?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful goal planning.

Your Susan