Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wedding Scrapbook pictures

Wedding Photos

Another set of our wedding photos which now live in our wedding scrapbook.

 I liked the green card stock with the red roses in the back ground. It kind of fits with the photo of our rings.


Can you tell that my husband is a farmer ? :) 

We just had to have photos taken with the tractor. It's a part of him and our home.

Just had to stick my butt out to have him push it.

Monday, 8 July 2013

I Wanna Be Like You (Sing Along Songs)

Our Edd
Now our Edd is only a year old and just look at him sitting on our sofa in the hall way. He looks more like a human than a dog. If only he could talk then I wouldn't always have to guess what he wan'ts to tell us. 
If I squint my eyes and listen to the song below, then he remind me of King Louie. 
You remember King Louie from The Jungle Book? 
That's who Edd reminds me of. Our very own King Louie, who always want's to be number one. Number one in getting hugs, food or even getting to the window to look outside first. 
If we are petting Collin, our Edd will push him away to get to us. 
He hates being combed but as soon as Collin want's his fur combed then he will get in the way. If you let Edd be first then he doesn't hold still and want's to back out.   

Okay so we know and hope that he doesn't want to use "Man's Great Fire" like the really Louie did in the Jungle Book but he does like to money a round.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


My Filofax Domino Personal

What was missing???

It all started with me not feeling comfortable in my own skin. 
Hmm, let me see if I can explain and describe these feelings.

I was feeling as if my life was running away from me. As if time was slipping through my fingers and I hadn't managed to do anything important all day. 
I was kinda feeling the aggravation building up inside of me waiting to explode. I was angry at myself for having no dreams no real wants in life. 
Living from day to day not caring if the day had anything meaning full or worth while in it. 

The emotions that I was having was the feeling of missing something big in my life.  
The hopelessness of not knowing what this something big was, was devastating. Kind of destructing for my soul.

I was spending my day looking back and wondering, what did I use to do. 
What did I do differently back in the day when I lived alone with my two children. Alone in a big house. Just me and my two kids until Colin my dog came along.
Back in the good old days, as I tend to call them every time I look back at them. 
The good old days when I was well organised. The days when I had a set time for everything. A perfect routine, everything timed out smoothly. 

Me and my diary, my time planner, we fit together like no other person or thing. We were inseparable.
We had to be inseparable. 
I was a single working from home mum. I needed to know when my kids needed to be out of the house. When I needed to be in school or kindergarten to teach. What time each of my kids were coming home for dinner. 
What time my students were coming for their lessons and so on. 
Yes the good old days.

Why wasn't my life working now? 
Why was I having such a hard time getting through the day? Why was it so hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings to just start my day?
I had no goals. The goals I had written down had been fulfilled. I was and am living my dreams right now. 
But why oh why was I feeling this shitty?
I now have a husband. My Mr Right. 
I have the house. Bigger than I could have dreamed. I have someone watching my back. What more could I want?

I do still miss my kids and am still sad that they don't live with me any longer but that wasn't the route of my anger.

This anger came from some place else. 
You see I was ready to break something. Ready to scream and break down at any moment. 
I wasn't able to sit still. 
I wasn't able to make a decision on my own, I needed hubby to help me. I needed to ask him if I really needed this or that right now.
Crazy for someone like me to have the feeling that I need to ask permission before I go out and buy something. I needed him to say "Yes Susan that is what you need to feel better, this is what you are missing. This will put your life back together."

Holding onto time 

Another thing I tried out was to hold onto time by staying home. Only going out to work. 
Not wanting to go shopping or spend time with my friends. Not even walk the dogs. 
For every time I came back and looked at my watch there would be another hour gone. It wouldn't be long and my husband would say oh where has the time gone, it's now time for bed.
That's when I would feel lost and helpless and ask myself what had I done that day?
I would think that I hadn't done anything. That I had been
siting and watching YouTube all day. I thought I had done nothing else. 
It didn't matter that the house was clean that I had cooked dinner, baked bread been to work and worked at home teaching that afternoon. I had my eyes closed when it came to these unimportant things. 

Looking for that something big

My problems had all began because I had stopped writing things down. I had stopped writing in my diary. I thought I didn't need it any more now that I had someone to talk to in the evenings. 
I had stopped writing things down in my planner. 
No more goal writing in the front of my planner no more dreams. 
I thought I had everything.
The last few years I was in love with the Moleskine brand. I still am. I do love their paper. 
The thing is that my Molskine vertical pocket is getting too small. My life has changed and I need something new to accommodate my new life.

My next problem was I just didn't know what planner I wanted to get. What was my new planner meant to look like. What did I want to have in it?
I spent most of my day and nights watching YouTubers talking about their Filofax. 
I can remember back in the good old days wanting a Filofax but they were just way too expensive.
Now these YouTubers were talking about not just having one Filofax but two or three or more.
So I went back to Amazon and took a look at Filofax there. 
Oh bummer, what was I to do they had soooo many to choose from. So back to YouTube. 

Okay long story short I ended up buying Domino personal Ultra Violet for 23.10€  @ FiloFax.de.
It wasn't that expensive and I told myself that it wouldn't hurt if the Filofax turned out to be no good.
Silly me. How could a Filofax turn out to be no good???

I'm in love with it. Not with the inlets mind. I don't like them. They are no way the way I want or need them. But I do love the feel of my Domino. I love the elastic band that is has holding the book closed, you can add so many things like my molskine pocket and it doesn't fall out.
Would I love it more if it had been in Red? I don't think so, or do I? 
What I do believe is that my next one will be red and I think It should be an A5.      

How do I feel now 

Have the feelings of hopelessness gone? Kind of. 
Not altogether mind, but sort of.
What has gone is the anger. 
I hold time back in my own hands. It's my time. I am the holder of time. If I plan my time wisely, start writing down my to do list in my Domino. Then at the end of the day I can look back and say "Well done Susan". Now what are you doing tomorrow?

Do I still spend hours watching YouTube? 
Well, yes of course I do. Now I need to know what goes inside my Domino. 
What's the best way to use ones Domino.....?

Please leave a message and tell me how you use your Filofax

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Twizy

Just talk

The day my husband came home and said that his next car would be an electric car, came some what of a surprise to me.
I had no idea what one of them was. 
I had never seen one, on one of our roads. I had only heard a little bit about them here and there. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Car troubles

Then the day came when his car wasn't running like he wanted it to. It needed to go into the shop a lot.
A large quantity of our money went into repairing the car and it was starting to hurt.

Seeing the Twizy for the first time

One day on our way to the shops he slams on the breaks and pulls into a car dealers. Just like that no warning, no nothing.  I had no idea what was going on or what had just happened. One minute your talking about nothing and the next your holding onto your seat thinking that there is something wrong with the car or that he's gone mad.
Well nothing of the above  (hmm right, not sure about him not being a bit crazy like). 
But after I had finished screaming and shouting at him for not telling me what he was up too, he was out of our car looking at this funny weird looking car thing. 
As I found out later it's not really a car or should I say not sold as a real car. Well any way.

This thing didn't have doors. There was this other one which had doors but no windows.
The Twizy doors don't open like our car doors normally do. They slide up and not out. If you get what I mean.
You know what men are like around cars, they are all over them. Touching, feeling it up and walking around it talking to themselves. 
Us women are waiting for them to explain why we are here and how long we're staying. 
He goes and sits down inside of this car with doors and says, perfect.
I'm like what? Perfect for what?
In the mean time I have started to read what is written on the car and have realised that it's an electric car. Okay, so now I know what's going on and prepare myself for a long wait and a boring explanation from the car dealer person. Glad that the shops are opened till 8 p.m

Let's talk Twizy

It didn't turn out to be as boring as I thought it was going to be. 
Right this dealer person told us everything we needed to know about the car, that isn't a car. 
The Twizy  has no motor and that it uses electricity. You just plug the thing into your normal plug at home and wait 2 hours for it to fill up.  
It drives up to 80 kmh and that it can drive a distance of 80 km. In the summer mind. He left that part out. In the winter it's less something around 45 km. 
You could say he didn't really know better because the Twizy had only just come out onto the market. We were his first buyers.
The Twizy  has no radio no heater and no real extras. 
Please keep in mind that every extra you add onto the car takes away your distance. 
If you want windows you can but they are expensive and they don't come from Renault. (There is also a problem with the windows, but I will talk about that in an other post.)

Our first test drive weekend

The following weekend was our first test ride with the Twizy with out windows. 
I can only say, amazing. Totally fab. What fun it was. Cold, windy, fast and fun. We even had rain. 
On our drive into town we had to stop at a traffic light and the driver next to us rolled down his window to ask us some questions. So crazy.  We had loads of people turning their heads to look. It was kind of embarrassing having people stop and stare at you while getting out of the car. 
The driver has no problem getting out of the car, but the person in the back does. 
It's like what is that? Then no way can two people fit in that! And then it's like on my dear two heavy weight people just got out of that small thing!!!! :)

Our very own Twizy 

It didn't take long and we had sold my husbands car and were able to pick up our very own Twizy with windows. I said I wasn't going to drive the Twizy through winter with out windows. My husband wouldn't have minded but I did.

Twizy clothes

Winter was on it's way and I was kind of scared of getting cold. So we ordered our new jackets from Engelbert Strauss http://www.engelbert-strauss.de/Bekleidung/Jacken_Westen/Wetter-_Winterjacken/Softshelljacken/Softshelljacke_e_s_motion-3131660-65115-1-1328.html  
Well let's say I got my new jacket. My husband was using these jackets before we got the Twizy so I knew that they were good.
For the back seat I put down a garden seat cover to sit down on, so it wasn't too cold for my bottom. Then I would cover my legs with a blanket. Off we would drive to where ever. 
We drove the Twizy in snow. 
Oh not forgetting we had winter tyres. With all the snow we had this winter it was much safer. 
I must say that after a while you do get used to the cold. You always have air coming into the car, so no problem with falling asleep in the back seat.  

I know it's not clean, my husband uses this to drive to and from work. 

TO be continued.....

27,06,14   update

Having the brakes done.

We have just had the brakes done on the Twizy. 
I am shocked at how much the brakes on this small car cost.

We spent over 800€ to get them done. Plus this is not the first time the brakes have had to be looked at. 

I'm not a car person so I don't know what everything is called. I have just the knowledge that everything that has to do with the brakes, had to be renewed. 

So you see I'm not a happy person.

My hubby still loves the car but I don't get to drive it much :(

Friday, 24 May 2013

Stamping' up Party

My first Stampin' up demonstration party was fun. We were 4 adults and one child crafting. Learning  and trying out some of the Stampin' up products. 

This ink pad was the one I used on my box and bookmark.

We all made a lovely small box and a bookmark out of card stock. The cool thing about this party was that you could make your own things and that it was not only something for adults. One of my friends thought that the idea of seeing how easy it is to use their products and get new ideas of what you could make as a quick small gift. Something to take with you anywhere was fantastic. A small present with chocolates or a book with a hand made bookmark for a host. Wouldn't every host love that you thought of her enough to make something. Not just a bought gift? I know I would feel special.

My bookmark which was done using photo paper and VersaMark and a green card stock.

We all had a lovely time with Nicole our demonstrator.  I had trouble not wanting everything that was in the catalog. The cool thing about having this at home was that I was given more time than the others to look into my art room and really think of what I needed. I know I should have done this before she came, but I had had no idea what Stampin' up really was. I know I've heard other YouTubers using it, but I needed to look and feel it for myself before spending the money. 
There was so much to choose from. She told us that the best thing to do was to just take one stamp and use it. Try using it in different ways. Then come back and order another, use it and come back. No point in having everything and not using it. Or not know what to do with it.

This is what my table looked like while working.
Next time I'm pulling the table out so we have more space.

 So yes there will be a next time. 
Thanks Nico for coming to my house.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wedding Scrapbook Pages

These are 2 of my first wedding scrapbook pages

 Trying to mix media 

I liked the black background on both pictures. 

Card stock with structure paste from Panduro Hobby. 

I have also distressed my edges with distress ink.

I used the green paper to symbolizes a green and new wedding, which also fitted perfectly to the leaves of the trees.  

Page 2

Here I used the rose card stock because it fitted so nicely with the roses in my wedding bouquet. 

The clock which is at a quarter to twelve is when we said our "I does" 
and after that we had a glass of bubbly.

The brick wall means our marriage is being built on a sound foundation.

MY first layouts 

These layouts are a few of my starting scrapping days since then I have learned a lot. I still have a lot more to learn. Like now I know about white spaces.  

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Collin and Edd all wet

It's been raining all day and poor Collin and Edd a are wet and can't come and join the family until they are dry again. So they are in the kitchen laying on the floor heater trying to get dry.
Not so easy with all that fur. 
Now normally dogs stink when it's wet outside, but not ours. We have this lovely smelling fur spray that helps condition their fur and stop the wet dog stink. Any of you who have  dogs know how smelly a wet dog gets.
The dog spray that we have is made by Green Fields and is honey milk. I would have a smelly house if I didn't have it.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Staples shopping spree

This morning I went to staples. My first time. I went with my friend and we loved it. I was kinda disappointed that they didn't have Martha Stewart Avery range. Never mind they still had some lovely things there.
This is what I got:

The new arc customisable A5 notebook system made by Staples with poly zip pockets, poly pocket dividers, ploy tab dividers, task pads,
page flags, expansion discs for a 200 page.
Then a Staples red better binder and a Staples A4 ring-binder in white  and last but not least post-it notes super Adhesive in orange, blue and green. 

I like this notebook because you can take out the pages and put them back into the book just where you need it. 

I got new bigger rings to go with it because the lady at the store said it would get too full with everything I wanted to put into it. It is kinda too big, so the next time I go to staples I will get a number smaller.
Now that I have everything put together I can start on planning my different projects.  
We even went and got a staples business card so we got 3% off. When the card arrives we will get 5% off. So cool. I love saving money.

My New Sharpies

My New sharpies have just arrived 9:15 a.m on a Saturday morning.Early I was lucky I was up. 
I know your saying so what there only pens. Well we can't get them over here in Germany and I have seen loads of You-Tubers using them and I just wanted to have them. So thanks to Amazon I can now try them out. They didn't take all that long to get here about a week and a half.
How and where I am going to use them, no idea as of yet.
But we have scrapbook pages, art journal pages and home organization projects. They all could use a bit of Sharpie. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

My New blogg

Oh here we go my very first blog. 
Bit scary really. 
Right, what will I write on this blog? 
I think a little bit of everything from my school coaching days, my scrapbooking days, organization around the house days and just watch it grow slowly.
I was thinking about writing this morning while driving to school. Thinking about what I would write.
I thought I would tell you about how I love to drive in our Twizy, but not without windows. It was rather cold and windy. So I wasn't a happy person. We are waiting to have them put back onto the car and I can't wait. I think on a nice and sunny day it would have been no problem but I didn't have my scarf with me which was a bummer.

This is just a picture of a Twizy but not ours.

My new addiction is YouTube and all the organization tips, scrapbooking things they have out there. 
I'm very into watching
 "At work with Nikki"
"Organized like Jen" Just love her 
Get organized with Alejandra
Oh and not to forget Jennibellie

I will be going to staples tomorrow morning to buy a few things that I need to finish off the organization of my DVDs and my product manuals .