Friday, 17 May 2013

My New blogg

Oh here we go my very first blog. 
Bit scary really. 
Right, what will I write on this blog? 
I think a little bit of everything from my school coaching days, my scrapbooking days, organization around the house days and just watch it grow slowly.
I was thinking about writing this morning while driving to school. Thinking about what I would write.
I thought I would tell you about how I love to drive in our Twizy, but not without windows. It was rather cold and windy. So I wasn't a happy person. We are waiting to have them put back onto the car and I can't wait. I think on a nice and sunny day it would have been no problem but I didn't have my scarf with me which was a bummer.

This is just a picture of a Twizy but not ours.

My new addiction is YouTube and all the organization tips, scrapbooking things they have out there. 
I'm very into watching
 "At work with Nikki"
"Organized like Jen" Just love her
Get organized with Alejandra
Oh and not to forget Jennibellie

I will be going to staples tomorrow morning to buy a few things that I need to finish off the organization of my DVDs and my product manuals .

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