Saturday, 18 May 2013

Staples shopping spree

This morning I went to staples. My first time. I went with my friend and we loved it. I was kinda disappointed that they didn't have Martha Stewart Avery range. Never mind they still had some lovely things there.
This is what I got:

The new arc customisable A5 notebook system made by Staples with poly zip pockets, poly pocket dividers, ploy tab dividers, task pads,
page flags, expansion discs for a 200 page.
Then a Staples red better binder and a Staples A4 ring-binder in white  and last but not least post-it notes super Adhesive in orange, blue and green. 

I like this notebook because you can take out the pages and put them back into the book just where you need it. 

I got new bigger rings to go with it because the lady at the store said it would get too full with everything I wanted to put into it. It is kinda too big, so the next time I go to staples I will get a number smaller.
Now that I have everything put together I can start on planning my different projects.  
We even went and got a staples business card so we got 3% off. When the card arrives we will get 5% off. So cool. I love saving money.
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