Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Twizy

Just talk

The day my husband came home and said that his next car would be an electric car, came some what of a surprise to me.
I had no idea what one of them was. 
I had never seen one, on one of our roads. I had only heard a little bit about them here and there. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Car troubles

Then the day came when his car wasn't running like he wanted it to. It needed to go into the shop a lot.
A large quantity of our money went into repairing the car and it was starting to hurt.

Seeing the Twizy for the first time

One day on our way to the shops he slams on the breaks and pulls into a car dealers. Just like that no warning, no nothing.  I had no idea what was going on or what had just happened. One minute your talking about nothing and the next your holding onto your seat thinking that there is something wrong with the car or that he's gone mad.
Well nothing of the above  (hmm right, not sure about him not being a bit crazy like). 
But after I had finished screaming and shouting at him for not telling me what he was up too, he was out of our car looking at this funny weird looking car thing. 
As I found out later it's not really a car or should I say not sold as a real car. Well any way.

This thing didn't have doors. There was this other one which had doors but no windows.
The Twizy doors don't open like our car doors normally do. They slide up and not out. If you get what I mean.
You know what men are like around cars, they are all over them. Touching, feeling it up and walking around it talking to themselves. 
Us women are waiting for them to explain why we are here and how long we're staying. 
He goes and sits down inside of this car with doors and says, perfect.
I'm like what? Perfect for what?
In the mean time I have started to read what is written on the car and have realised that it's an electric car. Okay, so now I know what's going on and prepare myself for a long wait and a boring explanation from the car dealer person. Glad that the shops are opened till 8 p.m

Let's talk Twizy

It didn't turn out to be as boring as I thought it was going to be. 
Right this dealer person told us everything we needed to know about the car, that isn't a car. 
The Twizy  has no motor and that it uses electricity. You just plug the thing into your normal plug at home and wait 2 hours for it to fill up.  
It drives up to 80 kmh and that it can drive a distance of 80 km. In the summer mind. He left that part out. In the winter it's less something around 45 km. 
You could say he didn't really know better because the Twizy had only just come out onto the market. We were his first buyers.
The Twizy  has no radio no heater and no real extras. 
Please keep in mind that every extra you add onto the car takes away your distance. 
If you want windows you can but they are expensive and they don't come from Renault. (There is also a problem with the windows, but I will talk about that in an other post.)

Our first test drive weekend

The following weekend was our first test ride with the Twizy with out windows. 
I can only say, amazing. Totally fab. What fun it was. Cold, windy, fast and fun. We even had rain. 
On our drive into town we had to stop at a traffic light and the driver next to us rolled down his window to ask us some questions. So crazy.  We had loads of people turning their heads to look. It was kind of embarrassing having people stop and stare at you while getting out of the car. 
The driver has no problem getting out of the car, but the person in the back does. 
It's like what is that? Then no way can two people fit in that! And then it's like on my dear two heavy weight people just got out of that small thing!!!! :)

Our very own Twizy 

It didn't take long and we had sold my husbands car and were able to pick up our very own Twizy with windows. I said I wasn't going to drive the Twizy through winter with out windows. My husband wouldn't have minded but I did.

Twizy clothes

Winter was on it's way and I was kind of scared of getting cold. So we ordered our new jackets from Engelbert Strauss  
Well let's say I got my new jacket. My husband was using these jackets before we got the Twizy so I knew that they were good.
For the back seat I put down a garden seat cover to sit down on, so it wasn't too cold for my bottom. Then I would cover my legs with a blanket. Off we would drive to where ever. 
We drove the Twizy in snow. 
Oh not forgetting we had winter tyres. With all the snow we had this winter it was much safer. 
I must say that after a while you do get used to the cold. You always have air coming into the car, so no problem with falling asleep in the back seat.  

I know it's not clean, my husband uses this to drive to and from work. 

TO be continued.....

27,06,14   update

Having the brakes done.

We have just had the brakes done on the Twizy. 
I am shocked at how much the brakes on this small car cost.

We spent over 800€ to get them done. Plus this is not the first time the brakes have had to be looked at. 

I'm not a car person so I don't know what everything is called. I have just the knowledge that everything that has to do with the brakes, had to be renewed. 

So you see I'm not a happy person.

My hubby still loves the car but I don't get to drive it much :(

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