Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wedding Scrapbook Pages

These are 2 of my first wedding scrapbook pages

 Trying to mix media 

I liked the black background on both pictures. 

Card stock with structure paste from Panduro Hobby. 

I have also distressed my edges with distress ink.

I used the green paper to symbolizes a green and new wedding, which also fitted perfectly to the leaves of the trees.  

Page 2

Here I used the rose card stock because it fitted so nicely with the roses in my wedding bouquet. 

The clock which is at a quarter to twelve is when we said our "I does" 
and after that we had a glass of bubbly.

The brick wall means our marriage is being built on a sound foundation.

MY first layouts 

These layouts are a few of my starting scrapping days since then I have learned a lot. I still have a lot more to learn. Like now I know about white spaces.  

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