Monday, 8 July 2013

I Wanna Be Like You (Sing Along Songs)

Our Edd
Now our Edd is only a year old and just look at him sitting on our sofa in the hall way. He looks more like a human than a dog. If only he could talk then I wouldn't always have to guess what he wan'ts to tell us. 
If I squint my eyes and listen to the song below, then he remind me of King Louie. 
You remember King Louie from The Jungle Book? 
That's who Edd reminds me of. Our very own King Louie, who always want's to be number one. Number one in getting hugs, food or even getting to the window to look outside first. 
If we are petting Collin, our Edd will push him away to get to us. 
He hates being combed but as soon as Collin want's his fur combed then he will get in the way. If you let Edd be first then he doesn't hold still and want's to back out.   

Okay so we know and hope that he doesn't want to use "Man's Great Fire" like the really Louie did in the Jungle Book but he does like to money a round.