Monday, 10 February 2014

February 2014 Planners

February 2014

It's the beginning of February and I have moved into 2 Filofax's, a very old planner (which name I no longer remember) plus I have a yellow German school planner from TimeTex.

Why do I need so many? 
No idea at this very moment while writing this, but along the way we will find out. 
Together we will reveal the need for all planners. 
Strange I know, but that's just me.

Okay, so now to my daily used Filofax Domino in purple. 
I still love it. It has become my life saver. It has everything inside it that I need to feel whole and safe. 

I have taken out some of my home made dividers, they were just not looking good anymore. 
Renaming the ones that came with the planner with the help of my label maker into the 12 Months of the year. 
 When I need to plan something ahead of time I can just flip through to the right month and add the appointment. 
Way easier, saves time and just no bother at all. I got this Idea from Enjoyette on YouTube.

My planner has also got a month on 2 pages. 
Colourful and bright. Just what I need to see when opening my planner. I have a whole year inside waiting to be used. Birthdays and holidays have already been written down. We don't want anything to go wrong while planning out my year now do we. 
Behind the Month dividers I am using Filofax a week on 2 pages. This is where I keep my day to day appointments. Which schools I'm in, and the time I have to be there. 
Am I going to be spending time with friends like at a Tupperware party/ demonstration or is it a clothes party? Or am I just meeting someone a McCafe (I wish)? Hmm Cappuccino with Lactose free milk please.  

Behind the Months dividers I have number dividers which are still a work in progress. Behind them I have
To Do lists, What's on my Plate, Birthdays & Events.
Then I have a section for marriage. I downloaded a "What your husband really wants" from The Peaceful Mom. I keep it in there so when I'm feeling pissed off, I can take a read and hopefully understand better. Some times it works other times I just don't want it to. 

In the money section I have everything in there, which is needed to help me remember. I am very forgetful and some of the things hidden here helps me out at parents evenings. Things like a small CV. A time line of all schools I'm at and when I started teaching there.  
I also have some of my passwords written down. Like I said, I am forgetful.
Now to my pen loops. I have added a 

LEUCHTTURM1917 Pen Loop 

This way I can carry an extra pen with me at all times. Always good to have a second colour with you for those mood swings.