Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon after a morning in the fog.

After a foggy wet morning playing outside. 
Collin and Edd have been rolling in the wet grass playing tug a war together with their new toy. 
Both have to come in to dry off.

Here they are wet and muddy laying on my nicely hovered and washed floor. 

Don't they look perfect. Not.

Bringing in way too much dirt. 

They left the whole house sandy and in a mess.

Why did I have to clean the floors this morning?

Okay so it really wasn't all that bad. Just had to wait till it all dried up. Then I just took out the hover and away the sand went. 
Clean house again.

Clean paws

 They clean up pretty fast.  If I look at them now their paws are no longer black but back to white. Oh how lovely. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Filofax Domino Personal set up

Here you can see inside my Filofax Domino Personal.

Please do leave a comment and have fun watching.

Wedding Scrapbook

Wedding scrapbooking continues 

I know it's been a long time since I  posted anything scrapbook related. So here are a few extra wedding pages. I have by no means finished scrapping my wedding photos, which is a shame but can't be helped at the moment. 
I am working on finding time to get them done.

Finish wedding scrapbook is on my goals list and will be added to my Filofax shortly.

This is a small section photographed from my daughter Zoe-Lee's page. Here you see different card-stock layered on top of each other. It fits perfectly to her big smile which I'm afraid is not shown here.   

Our Edd was just a baby here. We got him to sit still for about a second, then he wanted to go and see what out photographer was doing. We live on a farm that is why I used a wheat card-stock. Just fits well to the sunflowers. 

This was a fun thing to do. We had confetti in our hands and had to each blow it into the air at the same time. 
We had to have a couple of takes done, because after 3 or on 3 was not clearly stated. As you can see we were just laughing our heads off.  

This is where Germany and England come together in harmony. 

Not much done here just stuck photo on to the card-stock

I tried my hand in mixed media. Paint, card-stock and modeling paste. A few brads from Rayher and tabs. 
The dancer symbols me floating on air.