Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How too

How to...

Now this crazy woman tries to show you a how too..., but doesn't get very far.

Setting Goals

I wanted to show you how to set goals using your planner.
I'm not good at editing and the film that I'm working on now needs to be edited. 

You see my phone wanted to have a say in which it did and is quiet loud. 
So if you know how to remove phone noises then Please I need HELP :)  

Have fun watching

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Leonie Dawson calendar workbooks



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Friday, 2 May 2014

Teachers Planner

Teachers Plannerfor my English lessons

A5 Planner

I use a teachers planner from TimeTex 2013-2014 in A5 yellow, for all school, kindergarten and home teachings. 

Last year I had the same one in A4 but that was getting too big and too heavy to carry around with me all the time, so I down sized. 

What's in my planner

In this planner I keep track of all the schools I go to. Which class I have and what English subjects I will be teaching at any given time. 

Keeping track

I keep track of all my English children (students) and what they have to learn or haven't yet learnt well enough.
Did they attend or were they absent. 

How I use my planner

I know I don't use it like other teachers would use it. 
That's the joy of having a planner, they can be used any way you want. 
All I needed to do was make this planner my own. To work with it to fit my needs.  

Take a look inside




Picture 1 shows the year on 2 pages, 

well on 4 pages because it's an 18 months calender.
This is where I write down my home students birthdays.

Picture 2 is where I write down the home students,

who are meant to arrive on that day and what they have learnt. 
I start afternoon classes at 3 p.m to 6:45 p.m  so I used the boxes 1-6 for that. 
The other boxes I use for the morning schools classes that I have. 
The boxes are too small for 8 children but I have to make do.

Picture 3 shows my tabs. 

The ones we see on the top of the picture are my school classes and a kindergarten classes. 
The ones on the left of this picture are the days of the week, where students names, addresses and grades are written down. As shown on picture 4 and 5.

Picture 4 is a place to write student, 

addresses and phone numbers. On the other side is a class schedule and a seating plan. 

Picture 5 

is where I write down the students names, and grades.

Pen holder

Stuck on the inside of the back cover of this book, I have a red leuchtturm pen holder. I still love this pen holder and it is holding up really well. 
What will I do with the pen holder after I have used this planner. 
I can't just leave it there.

Any suggestions? 

Please leave a comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts.