Friday, 2 May 2014

Teachers Planner

Teachers Plannerfor my English lessons

A5 Planner

I use a teachers planner from TimeTex 2013-2014 in A5 yellow, for all school, kindergarten and home teachings. 

Last year I had the same one in A4 but that was getting too big and too heavy to carry around with me all the time, so I down sized. 

What's in my planner

In this planner I keep track of all the schools I go to. Which class I have and what English subjects I will be teaching at any given time. 

Keeping track

I keep track of all my English children (students) and what they have to learn or haven't yet learnt well enough.
Did they attend or were they absent. 

How I use my planner

I know I don't use it like other teachers would use it. 
That's the joy of having a planner, they can be used any way you want. 
All I needed to do was make this planner my own. To work with it to fit my needs.  

Take a look inside




Picture 1 shows the year on 2 pages, 

well on 4 pages because it's an 18 months calender.
This is where I write down my home students birthdays.

Picture 2 is where I write down the home students,

who are meant to arrive on that day and what they have learnt. 
I start afternoon classes at 3 p.m to 6:45 p.m  so I used the boxes 1-6 for that. 
The other boxes I use for the morning schools classes that I have. 
The boxes are too small for 8 children but I have to make do.

Picture 3 shows my tabs. 

The ones we see on the top of the picture are my school classes and a kindergarten classes. 
The ones on the left of this picture are the days of the week, where students names, addresses and grades are written down. As shown on picture 4 and 5.

Picture 4 is a place to write student, 

addresses and phone numbers. On the other side is a class schedule and a seating plan. 

Picture 5 

is where I write down the students names, and grades.

Pen holder

Stuck on the inside of the back cover of this book, I have a red leuchtturm pen holder. I still love this pen holder and it is holding up really well. 
What will I do with the pen holder after I have used this planner. 
I can't just leave it there.

Any suggestions? 

Please leave a comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts.  
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