Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My love for stationary  

This is just a small stationary haul.

I don't know if you can tell but I love stationary of all kind. 
I love paper and I love writing on paper. 
I write down my thoughts and feelings or ideas on different kinds (mostly Moleskine) of smooth paper

The feeling 

When pen hits paper and glides along the page. There is no sound of scratching or the feeling that the pen is being stopped by the page. 
The freedom when your thoughts just slide onto the pages of the book and leaves you with a peace of having told someone or something else your problems or your happiness. 
There is no worse disappointment when a pen leaves blotches on your nice clean page. 
Or when a pen doesn't dry quick enough and smudges.  

My love for Moleskine 

is known and these are my newest possessions.

The Molskine Cahier Pastel with lines, bought from Amazon.de.

 Just look at the bright colours don't they make your heart sing. Writing in them is a blessing. The purple one is still unused because it's waiting for me to be done with writing in the Cahier Red, which is my diary at the moment. 

I like the Cahiers because they are light weight and can be carried around with you in your hand bag or put into an A5 Filofax. They have enough pages and lines to pour your heart out between the lines. 
Just had a thought you could also use these as a Midori Traveler's notebook. Would it then be called a Moledori notebook? 

 Moleskine foilo Professional Notebook

I bought this with no project in mind. I just wanted to see what it looked like. It's a hardback and has the famous smooth paper. This book is divided into 5 parts and the pages are numbered all the way through. 
It's first part is Contents on two pages. Next up we have Project- Planning on 3 pages, a plain Note Page follows.

Our main part 

of this project book is the actual note taking project planning pages. I have a picture below that shows you how to use the book but you know me I just use it the way I feel like it. 
I don't have that many meetings to go to, or projects to plan. So I just use it for my ideas.

I use it kind of like a mind map or a to-do list book. 

I do believe you could do bullet journaling with this lay out.
So really friends that's how I use it, sort of. 

I have my main ideas in the middle and on the left or right side of the page I write down what I need to do to be able to accomplish my ideas. You know how to bring them to life. 

Index pages

To-Do lists which can be torn out of the book

Adhesive Tabs

The How To 

Now this is something which had to be taken home. 
Doesn't it look pretty? I just had to have it. 
Does it have a purpose? Not yet. 
While looking at it in the shop I thought it would be great to use as a Mind Map on the go. 
It has plain pages. But it doesn't have a home yet so we will just have to wait and see.  

Cool thing is paper doesn't go bad and it doesn't have a sell by or use by date.

I was out shopping at Staples and I found new Arc to-do lists. I'm kind of disappointed  with our German Staples, it's a big shop with not much good stuff in it.     


I still love my friction pens but I like to have more than one type of pen. 

These 12 purple Bic 4 colours grip pens just arrived from Amazon. When I ordered them I seemed to have missed that they were just like (the same colours) as my light green Bic 4 colour pen you see at the top of the page. 

Okay the difference between them is that the purple has a rubber material so you can grip hold of the pen. The green doesn't have that. It does feel kinda slippy while writing but you get used to it.

Both pens have pastel colours, purple, light green, light pink and light blue.  

When I saw these I thought they were new and that no one but me had them. :) How wrong was I. Very!

My English Students

 knew about these before I did and they didn't tell me. They know how I love new pens and they always let me look in their pencil cases and tell me about new pens that come on the market. 

I thought the Stabilo pens were cool because they have a fine line side and a thicker side. 
I use these for colour coding my Filofax pages or just writing in different colours when I fancy a pop of colour.   

More post its

Oh and now to a love I never want to live with out. My post- it tabs. No idea where they will be going so keep your eyes open, you might see them in usage in an other blog post.

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