Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A day to myself


How would you spend your day if you had it all to yourself?

Just imagine a day to yourself with no kids, no husband or boyfriend, no family or friends with you. Just you on your own to do as you pleased.
What would you do?

Lime Tree Fruits Life Flow Coaching

As you might know by now if you watch my You Tube videos, you know I'm in the Lime Tree Fruits Life Flow coaching program. 

One of our homework prompts

was to schedule a day / morning / afternoon or even just an hour every week where we can do anything you wanted. Anything as long as it had nothing to do with any of the above people. 
A day where none of them came with you. 
You left them and your problems at home and spent the time with yourself. 
Thinking, planning, dreaming. Having a massage, getting your nails done. 
What ever your heart desired. 

How cool would be to have this time all to yourself. 

How many of you would say I can't because of the above people, house, pets and so on I have to take care of?
How many of you would ask yourself or even tell yourself that you wouldn't know what you would do with this kind of freedom. 

The next problem was to find time.

For me this exercise was a hard one.
It was hard to imagine how I would fill my time. 
What would I do, where would I go? 
I had no idea. 

I had to over come the feeling of guilt. 

Yes guilt. 
Why guilt you ask. 
That was my Gremlin, my witch talking. 
(Talk more to you about the witch at a later date) 
My self talk sounded like this:
How can you spend an afternoon away from home? 
(yes we are only talking about an afternoon here after work)
What about the poor dogs that have been on their own the whole morning while you were working? What about the house that needs to be cleaned? 
And my witches list went on and on. 

Then came my Goddess 

who said STOP! Yes Stop. 
(Tell you about the Goddess also at a later date) 
She told me that I had had a very long week and that I could do with this afternoon to myself.

Packing the car

So we (Me and I) started packing the car with things that I might need.
It was a sunny day so I took my sun hat with me. 
Also I thought I might need a little seat to be able to sit on the grass by the river. It's just a little thing from Ikea, a cushion thing. 
My water bottle with cucumber and lemon slices came with me. 
My Filofax all of them, personal A5 Finsbury and A5 Domino. I didn't know which one I would need and knowing me I would want the one I left at home. 
Then my cup of pens. Oh and my little new book.

Being scared

Now, I'm not going to lie I was a little scared, silly I know but I was. 
What was I scared of? 
Being on my own in town walking through shops not knowing what to do there. 
Not having the safety of friends or hubby next to me. 
Silly things like what will people think of me and my hat down by the river. 
Germans don't wear hats, what will I look like, little round old me sitting there wearing a flowered hat?

Nearly backing out

So I phoned a friend and asked if she wanted to meet me for an ice-cream in town. No answer. 
After some time, while packing the car I just got in and drove off. I thought if I didn't move now I would unpack the car and stay home to clean the house.

Comfortable in my own skin

I drove to Verden, parked the car and went shoe shopping. Didn't find a pair that I liked. 
I then decided to look through shops I have never been in before. 

I started to become comfortable in my own skin. I started to enjoy all the new items I hadn't seen before. 
I started to feel free. 
Wasn't this a feeling I had been searching for. A feeling of having freedom to spend as much time as I wanted looking at paper, without someone hurrying me along. 


The first shop I came to was a small book shop and this is what I bought. 

Never judge a shop by its windows

Then I came to this Danish clothes shop. I was only going in to have a quick look because from the outside it looked as if they only had clothes for the thin Goddesses and nothing for us Womanly curvy Goddesses   :) 
I was to be proven wrong.  I did buy a lovely black shirt.

Treating myself

Did I have an ice-cream? Yes, I did. 
What would an afternoon to myself be without treating myself to an ice-cream or fun foods. 

With a Sub and my shopping bags in my hands, I went back to the car swapped the shopping bags for my Filofax  bag and I went to sit down by the river to eat my sub and do some thinking. 

Thinking turned into a poem and little drawings.

All in all it was a super Goddess day. 

It started with shopping and ended up in evening pizza with a friend.  

My new woman cave

My new woman cave.

Hello Dears,
here to my new working, reading and relaxing space.
Why do I call it my woman cave? 
Well it's something we from Lime Tree Fruits coaching program, use in our self care work shop.

What every woman should have

Every woman should have an indoor space that she loves and an outdoor space. 
A space in the house or garden where she can relax have a cuppa in her hand and a book. 
Where she can tank up those batteries and have the right to be on her own if she so desires.

Your worth this space 

It's your right to have your own space.
You are worth that sacred space. You should fight for a space in your own home or and garden. 
We women have children who need us and husbands or wives who take up all our time. 
By having a woman cave you give back time to yourself. If we don't take time to relax no one else will give us time to do so. If we don't take care of ourselves, no one will. 
So here's to the right to have a woman cave. 

I'm one of the lucky ones 

I have two out door spaces I like to use. One of them is situated at the front of our house/farm. The other in our garden/back yard.

Now this new one, the one in the garden was built with two objectives in mind. 
One was so I could have protected working, relaxing outdoor space. The other so that people driving, walking or riding by couldn't look into our garden. 

Garden space

The one in the front of our house I like to use in the mornings between driving from one school to the next.
I love to sit there because I can see who is about to come and visit and the other reason is that my dogs can't bug me. 
Oh and the most important reason is the sun. 
I have sun there in the mornings and early afternoon. 

Front door space