Friday, 17 October 2014

Stationary haul

Just a small haul

Just take a look and see what goodies I bought.

All Lazy

Our Edd

Our Edd is only a year old and just look at the way he's sitting there on the sofa in our hall way. 

He looks more like a human than a dog.

If only he could talk then I wouldn't always have to guess what he want's to tell us. 

Right at this moment he wanted to just relax on the sofa and not do anything 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vision Board

Making a vision board

Can be a fun arty thing to do. You don't have to be into crafting to make one. You only have to let the big kid in you out to play. 

Get out those big scissors and glue out and get ready to play!!!!

Cut up some magazines with pictures of the things you want in your life and stick them down.
Doesn't have to be neat and tidy or even colourful. Just get sticking.

Why do I have a vision board?

I have a vision board to keep track of the goals I have in life. 
Lot's of the things I want to have are stuck down on my vision board. It's not finished and doesn't have to be. 
My dreaming is not complete so why should my vision board. I can add things to it as I go along in life.

What goes onto a vision board?

Anything and everything. What are your big dreams? 
Or if that's to hard to picture or even think about, then start off with small dreams. 
What do you need in your living space (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom)
What new clothes, hand bag, shoes would you like to have?

Now dream a bit bigger.

Is there a new car that you would love to have?
Where would you like to go on holiday this year or next year? Where would you like to spend your Christmas?
What did you want to be when you grow /grew up?
Would you like another job, what job would you like? 
Do you need a new bigger bathroom or kitchen. 
Do the children need new rooms?

Now dream a lot bigger 

Is there this one dream that you haven't told anyone about because you just don't believe it will come true? Well that's the very dream you have to stick down.
Do you want to fly around the world in a hot-air-balloon? 
Are you looking for Mr or Mrs Perfect, what should he or she be like? (Not talking about looks here, it's the inner person that counts) 

Why do I have two?

Why not? The more the merrier I say.
One for my private life the other for my business life. 
I could even have one for  my crafting life. 
Can you think of more? Please do give me your ideas.

Where do I keep them?

I keep one in my office where I can look at it every time I sit down to do something. Or talk on the phone. 
The other is in my bedroom. It's not far from where I lay my head. I look at it before I close my eyes and when I get dressed in the morning. 

Now it's your turn. 

I would love to see your vision board. 
Just post a picture in the box below or your link. 
Don't be shy.
Have a lovely day and keep dreaming.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet in the country.

I live in a small holiday resort. 
Okay, resort is a way to big a word for our village. It's a farming village. 
Our village has a camping site and small bed and breakfast houses. 
We have more pigs that live here than people and loads of tractors.


I just can't believe that people from the city would want to come here to have a holiday. They come here on bikes, caravans and cars packed full. 
To have some quiet time and to smell the country air.

The noise

To tell you the truth you can't have a quiet minute here in the country.

It's a Sunday morning and I'm all on my own listening to the peace and quiet. 
There is so much noise outside. 

Farming noise  

The air conditioner for our pigs. Well it's not really a air conditioner it pulls out the bad air in the building so that fresh-air can come in and the pigs can breath. It's back ground noise.
Tractors bringing food for the cows or taking away harvest, or just driving back and forth. Now they can be really load. 

Animal noise 

I hear my dogs barking in the garden and other dogs which live nearby answering.
My dogs don't bark all the time, but it's noise.

I hear birds squabbling, bees humming and building a nest in my outside blinds. Cows mooing in the field opposite our farm, and our own pigs playing tag. 

Birds are the ones which make the most noise and the most mess. 
Do I complain about the mess? Yes,  I do.
I've had to move garden tables, chairs and our bikes away so that they don't poop on them. 
It's when I look up into their nest and I see little wings and small heads bobbing up and down, that's the kind of thing that softens my heart. 
When I see their mother or father coming to bring them food, I think there is my peace. 

So maybe the country side can be peaceful.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Starbucks Friday

Starbucks Friday

Today after school I decided to not to drive home but carry on-wards towards Bremen to visit Starbucks to have my favourite frap and to do some writing.

I have been having problems with writing at home. 

You see, I would always stop and do something important like hang the washing up or but the dishwasher on. You know the very very important everyday stuff.
So we thought (the family and I) that I should use the Friday to just drive on from school to Bremen because it would only take me 30 minuets to get there and not 45 mins if I was to start from home. 
Another reason is that I do believe I get more done this way. 
By the looks of things it's true.

This is my first Friday where I'm attempting to do some work outside of my home.

Okay so I get to Bremen all brave, park my car, no problem and feel so proud of myself that I have made it this far. Then feeling kinda hungry I go in search for some food (it's now lunch time).
Still feeling brave I move on to find Starbucks. 

Then my nerves start to build up

What if I can't find a nice place outside to write? What if all the comfy chairs are all taken? What if it's too cold to sit outside? Oh no it's starting to rain.
Try calming yourself down with all these worries, not an easy task. 

No problem I'm me I can do this. No problem I'm me I can do this. On and on, one foot at a time. 

Ordered my drink became a star saver, put 10€ onto my card and moved on to find myself a nice comfy chair outside.

Next problem, next worry. 

I wanted to take my sons computer out of my bag but couldn't. I thought people would stare at me and wonder what I was doing. Looking around I couldn't see anyone working. So I tried to work on my windows phone, that didn't work out too well, way too small.

So I had to be courageous and take it out the computer and just start writing.

While taking another look around I see people doing homework and other´s doing cross words. Business men talking on their phones others writing in appointments. 
See silly me no need to worry at all.

It starts to rain even more and not at all warm outside. 
I know I could go inside. 
I peek into the window but there doesn't seem to be that much space in there. 

I start to reason with myself.

Time to do my pro and cons.
The air outside is much better. 
You can see more of the outside world from here. 
It's raining but I'm under this brick thing. 
I'm dry but cold. 
There are not as many people sitting outside (well no because it's cold and raining).
I might come out smelling like coffee. (Now is that really a bad thing?)
The last thing I say to myself is, if it gets too cold I'm going some place else.

No I didn't move I stayed there for a few hours more and got loads of work done. Drove home happy and content.
Ready for another Starbucks Friday.