Sunday, 12 October 2014

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet in the country.

I live in a small holiday resort. 
Okay, resort is a way to big a word for our village. It's a farming village. 
Our village has a camping site and small bed and breakfast houses. 
We have more pigs that live here than people and loads of tractors.


I just can't believe that people from the city would want to come here to have a holiday. They come here on bikes, caravans and cars packed full. 
To have some quiet time and to smell the country air.

The noise

To tell you the truth you can't have a quiet minute here in the country.

It's a Sunday morning and I'm all on my own listening to the peace and quiet. 
There is so much noise outside. 

Farming noise  

The air conditioner for our pigs. Well it's not really a air conditioner it pulls out the bad air in the building so that fresh-air can come in and the pigs can breath. It's back ground noise.
Tractors bringing food for the cows or taking away harvest, or just driving back and forth. Now they can be really load. 

Animal noise 

I hear my dogs barking in the garden and other dogs which live nearby answering.
My dogs don't bark all the time, but it's noise.

I hear birds squabbling, bees humming and building a nest in my outside blinds. Cows mooing in the field opposite our farm, and our own pigs playing tag. 

Birds are the ones which make the most noise and the most mess. 
Do I complain about the mess? Yes,  I do.
I've had to move garden tables, chairs and our bikes away so that they don't poop on them. 
It's when I look up into their nest and I see little wings and small heads bobbing up and down, that's the kind of thing that softens my heart. 
When I see their mother or father coming to bring them food, I think there is my peace. 

So maybe the country side can be peaceful.

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