Monday, 15 December 2014

Planner up-date for 2015

My Filofax Personal up-date 

2015 isn't that far away

With only a few days to go till the end of 2014, it's time to add 2015 to your planner.

Thanks to Raine from I was able to update my planner last month.
If you go over to her blog you can also be just as lucky as I am.

I am a member and I love being one

Being a member means that you can receive different planner pages.
Here are the bigger boxed Personal. A month on 2 pages.

 I also have a year on one page stuck on the back of December; month on 2 pages.

I am still looking for 

a week on 2 pages that I like. 
This year 2014 I have been using the Filofax a week on 2 pages. It is lined and has a touch of colour. 
Which you all know I need.


These are easy to use, because you can write in a straight line. 
At the top of the page I am able to write my important goals of the week. 
I can then schedule them into the day of the week I want to have them done. 
What I want done I write on the right side of the page, under the title Erledigen, which means To-do.

I'm not a planner decorator

I like to have space to write and don't want to spend my time with stickers. I like to watch other people use them, but it's not for me. 
I like to use different coloured pens, and that's it I'm afraid. 

My dividers

Are so so cool. You can find these dividers at LimeTreeFruits
Raine has done all the decorating for me, now aren't they gorgeous.

This is when my control anxiety raised its ugly head.

While writing this post I was getting worried about my Week on two pages for 2015. I hadn't found the same ones I was using this year. I didn't like the ones that came with this planner. 

I Started to get all tense again and worrying that my year 2015 wasn't all that nice to look at or functional. 
That I might not use this planner and not be structured enough. The craziest things came into my head.
So I stopped what I was doing. Changed my state. Started to visualise the perfect week on two pages.
We will see if what I visualised I am able to put down onto paper.

Visualising had gotten me calm enough to go onto Amazon and find the same pages I have been using this year. 
Strange that I couldn't find them before hand, but they came to me when I needed them.

So that's all that has changed so far. We all know that I will be doing some new things between Christmas and new year. That's when I don't have to go work in schools. 

Over to you

What have you changed in you planner for 2015? Have you added new inserts?

If you have any Questions about my planner, please do leave a message down bellow.

Have a lovely day

Yours Susan

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