Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Setting Goals for 2015

Are you setting your goals for 2015?
Have you started putting them into your planner?
Are you having trouble with setting up goals?

On my Facebook page I asked my friends if they had any goals for 2015.

Their first answer was they didn't have material goals. 
SO I said good. What are your none material goals?

Peace of mind
To be happy
To find the right partner 
Goal setting doesn't work. 
You can't plan out your life. 
You have to live in the moment.

I got the goal setting doesn't work a lot. 
You know me I don't take simple answers. I want to dig deeper.
I want more fulfilling answers. 
Fulfilling was my word of the year 2014. 
So I dug deeper.

I started off with, 

"If your goal is to have peace of mind, how do you want to reach that goal?"
"If you want to be happy, how are you planning on reaching that goal?"
"How will you find your new partner?"

I asked questions of HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHAT

The answers I got

By digging deeper I got them to tell me their goals. 
The funny thing was, is that they didn't see them as goals just things that they wanted.

"I don't want to spend an other Christmas on my own"
"I want to go on holiday with my family"
"I want to spend more money on myself"
"I want to find out what makes me happy"

These material and none material things are what their heart wants but they are afraid to speak up and tell them to the world and most importantly themselves.

Seeing goals as a wast of time

The reason why they thought that setting goals or planning out your goals was a wast of time is because they never came true. They never happened.

They believe that if you set goals and plan them out, you leave no room for spontaneity. With everything planned out, you end up living a boring life.

Everything has to do with The way your mind is set.

Goal setting is a wast of time, is what they believe to be true, which will end up being true. 

Seeing setting goals as a wast of time is because they take their goal setting not seriously enough. 
If done half heartedly then of course it's a wast of time because it just, doesn't, get done.

How I set and plan out my goals

First I write down all the things that I want for the year or years to come.
I don't say what I would like because they are things that I WANT.

Would like is not a strong enough word. It's a polite word. 
But the universe needs to know that I really want it. 
Not just would like which is hope to have it. Hope is a future word and will stay in the future and not come into the present. 


After writing the things down that I want, I then I take a look at when I want them.

Let's just take a look at one of my goals.

I don't want to celebrate my 40th birthday with a big party. I want to be on my own with my hubby somewhere. So I asked myself where?
On the Aida.
So I have a Where and a When. I put this into my calendar and work backwards. 
What needs to be done, to be on the Aida for my birthday?
I write down everything that I need to do, like book a room on the boat. How much will it coat me? How much do I need to save up? Do I have enough clothes? 
I plan out when all my to-does need to be done and do them. Bookings, saving up and shopping for new clothes.


Ok too easy you say. Then let's move onto a harder one.

To be happy.

What makes you happy? 
What small things make you happy?
What used to make you happy as a child? 
Where were you the most happiest?
How could you bring more happiness into your life?

First write down what makes you happy. 
Is it eating an ice-cream? 
Going to the movies? 
Meeting some friends?
Reading a book? 
Getting your hair or nails done?
Dancing around in circles with no clothes on listening to Madonna?

After you have found out what makes you happy then choose a day of the week and schedule it into your calendar.

There easy-peasy. You now have more fun in your life and that leads to happiness.

It's the same for finding the right man. 
You ask yourself questions.
What type of man do I want? 
Where will I be likely to meet this man? 
What are his interests?
Do I need to be going to the places I think he will be at? 
Do I need a friend to help me?

The first step it always writing your goals down on paper

Then making a to-do list of what you need to do to reach that goal. 
Breaking down your to-do list into even smaller baby steps so you dooon't give up before you start.
Scheduling your baby step into your calendar. 

Oh and having fun along the way.  

Now over to you. What are your goals for 2015?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful goal planning.

Your Susan 

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