Monday, 26 January 2015

Where's Your Planner?

Where's your planner?

Filofax Planner week
Hello Dears,
How did last weeks planning go?
Did everything go well?
Or did you have some unexpected things come up?
Was there anything you left out or forgot to write in your planner?

If there was one thing you would change

in the way you planned, what would it be?
Is there something you would add to your daily routine?
Please do tell.

Question of the day!!!

Where's your planner?

Something as easy as carrying your planner around with you in your handbag stops you from over booking yourself.
You wouldn't believe how many people forget to take their planner with them.
Just imagine your out shopping, in the park or just meeting your friends.
This is where the problem of over booking yourself starts.
You are asked if you could come to a meeting on a Thursday afternoon.
Have kids come over and play on a Friday. Have coffee on a Tuesday morning or if you could come help the teacher out.
We are soo good at multitasking, but now and again some appointments slip through our fingers. We forget to write them down.
Then the juggling starts. Stress's ugly head pops up.

I take my planner with me everywhere.

I take it with me when go out shopping or when meeting friends for a coffee.
I have learned to expect the unexpected appointment.
I know they will ask me if I have time to come to a Tupperware party or tell me that they will be celebrating their birthday on a Saturday night and not on a Thursday.
I even get the odd mother ask me if they could send their child to an English lesson.
I then open my planner, say yes or no to the Tupperware party. Tell the mother what day and time their child can come for a lesson. Tell my friends I will be late for the party on Saturday because I have a Skype call.
You never know when you will meet your next client. So take your planner everywhere.
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Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
Happy planning days
Yours Susan

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