Sunday, 1 February 2015

Look inside your planner

Look inside your planner

Last week we talked about taking your planner with you everywhere.

This weeks question is:

What's the point of having a planner if you don't look inside it and use it?

Planner use me

Looking inside and using it everyday.

More than once a day.

This is how I use mine

I look inside my planner every day and more than once a day.

When people ask me why I have a planner I just say I'm a forgetful person and I need to write things down to help me remember (We all know I'm a planner addict but also forgetful).

Each morning before getting out of bed I reach for my planner which is on my night table.It's there just in case I think of something in the middle of the night and I can write it down. NO need to get-up.

My morning look at my planner is to get my mind in the right frame. This way I know if I have time to go slow because my class starts later in the morning or when to hurry.

I kick start my brain into remembering what I have to do that day. Do I need to change something because I'm not in the mood, or am I not feeling too well and need to cancel?

Who do I have to call today?

What bags do I have to take with me, school, Kindergarten or both?

Do I have to cook today because hubby is out working the whole day and won't be in for dinner?

Do I have any extra appointment that I have to be at and when/ where?

Do I have a very full morning and then the afternoon off? Love those afternoons means I have time to do things that I really love.


After lunch I have an other quick look to see who's coming for classes and how long I have to teach. Do I have a webinar that I want to take part in and at what time? Is it my master mind Tuesday and have I done all my home work?

After my home teaching classes I take a peek in my planner to see what the next day look's like.

I then pack my bags for classes and tidy up my English class room. My bags are then put in my hall way ready to go. You never know if you will over sleep and have to rush out the door.

If I have over seen something like double booking myself now is the time to change things up a bit. Cancel or tell people I will be late or just pass the job onto my husband or assistant to do, if I don't have the time. If I had small kids I would ask another mother to take over my driving the kids around.

Evening planning

I take a look inside my planner before going to bed.

I am a believer that you can visualise your day to come and how you want it to go. This helps me to take out any stress that could come up in a busy day. I run through the day in my mind starting with getting up.

This is how I do it.

Tuesdays I know I have a 6 a.m master mind Skype call in the morning and have everything ready for that call. I picture myself getting up and having a look to see if I should have a shower before or after my call (thank goodness no webcam). I see which way would be better for me and then pick. So in my head I know I will shower before or after, then take the call. After the hour call I finish getting ready for school. I know how many schools and classes I have one after the other and if I have time to do a wee bit of shopping in between driving from one place to the other or not. Then I come home have a quick cup of coffee before leaving for the last school of the day. Then I go through each lesson. I visualise having the perfect children to teach and that each lesson will be fun and finish fast.

That's how my visualising goes for the morning. If I find places or times in my day that could be stressful I picture them being easy, not bothering me what so ever. I change my state, my way of thinking about the stressful part. It sounds easy and too good to be true, but it is, both easy and true. Try it.

Life is only as stressful as we let it. We are in control of our time and planner. If we don't want things to go a certain way then change it.


So over to you

How often do you look inside your planner?

Leave a comment below.

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Happy planning

Yours Susan

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